• Trip Support

Alliance Trip Support division offers a range of services for our clients in regions such as the Middle East in particular Bahrain, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt and Kuwait. These are regions where we have very strong partnerships with local ground handling service providers. US Alliance is set to open US Alliance Trip Support Services KSA division late 2019.

Some services provided are:

Coordination of ground services in ME (our personnel on the ramp).
Flight planning and coordination.
Crew HOTAC and transport.
Transport services with secured vehicles and trained drivers.
Fuel arrangements in non DLA locations.

Alliance Flight Support

Building Jeddah 101, Floor 7,
Sari Road, Al Khalediya District,
PO Box: 117188 Jeddah 21391
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
email: opsksa@usalliance.aero


Offering contract Fuel (JET A1) to the US Government/US Military and associated agencies using US Gov Air Card and corporate jet industry.

Alliance Flight Support can provide fuel releases anywhere in the world at competitive prices and favourable credit terms for our clients.

Operations in KSA

Alliance KSA trip support offices in Jeddah and in Riyadh offer assistance to corporate jet customers travelling to the United States with pre-clearance services from KSA via our FBO in Shannon. This means Alliance trip support team will prepare the entire pre-clearance trip from KSA with a quick tech stop in EINN. CBP officers will pre-clear the aircraft and passengers while the aircraft is refuelled. In less than 45 minutes from touch down, your aircraft will continue to the United States as a domestic flight.

Alliance Flight Support use an intuitive web-based system for FBO bookings

The FBO APP allows us to receive requests over the web and generate an accurate quotation in less than a minute. We can also create worksheets, notify airport authorities, generate PDF handling acceptance docs and create invoices / receipts.

The Alliance Flight Support System Delivers:

Client CRM functions.
Simple online schedule.
Database populated with all aircraft and MTOW plus all airports
Settings page with pricing algorithm, enter prices once and see accurate calculations.
Generate quotations, acceptnce docs, invoices and receipts.
Accept handling requests via your home page and partnered sites.
Filter and view previous trips from clients.
Multi user and multi office functions.

Manage Your Fleet

Our web-based fleet management system makes amending your existing fleet or adding a new aircraft fast and simple. You can also edit our standard industry charter hourly rates to your own pricing by expanding on “customize pricing”. To add images and details on your aircraft just click on “Edit your aircraft details” and upload any images you wish.

Alliance Flight Support all-in-one web-based systems

Offering a complete back-end booking system allowing aircraft management companies, Operators Brokers and FBOs to work from a modern and easy to use web-based platform to conduct their day to day operations and securely process payments from all major debit and credit cards and global fuel cards.

The real-time web-based platform also offers:

Operators- to upload their fleet and receive charter enquiries.
FBOs – to list their locations on FBO.aero and receive requests.
Brokers – to receive charter requests through JDM booking widget.
Licensed Partners – to earn commission to referrals sent to partnered Brokers.